11 Reasons why you should join us!!!

1. Sheer volume

The number of people looking for friends or dates on Internet Dating sites has gone through the roof in the last couple of years. If you’re using an online dating service, you potentially have access to thousands of like-minded singles and you’ll be amazed at just how many of them are local to you!

2. Less nerve-wracking

Do your knees quake at the mere thought of walking across a crowded room, just to say “hi” to someone? What if when you open your mouth a whole load of garbage comes out? What if they’re not actually there to meet someone new? Just think how much easier it would be to say what you really mean in a well thought out email without fear of getting your lines muddled. And as the person you’re emailing is on the same dating site as you, you already know they are online looking for a friend or a date! Simple!

3. Easier on your wallet

Before online platforms really took off, if you were single, chances are you’d head to a bar or club to try and meet the man or woman of your dreams. While you might have a great night out, statistics show this is actually one of the least successful ways to meet your soul mate. You need an outgoing, confident personality and be able to actually get to chat with people – not easy with music blaring and when, say, the woman you’ve set you’re sights on is out on the town with a group of giggling girlfriends. For the same cost as taxis, entry to a club, drinks etc you could sign up for a 6 month membership to a great dating site and get chatting straight away to someone who fits the bill.

4. Quick and easy

We all have busy lives and meeting other singles online or like minded people is a lot faster than conventional dating & friendships. It takes seconds to login to our online site and do a few quick searches to bring up any potential profile matches. Getting in touch and sending them an instant message couldn’t be easier – or quicker!

5. Playing safe

When using a good, reputable site like ours, all mail and communication remains anonymous. This means that you and the person you are communicating with will know each other only by your screen names, (nick name) NOT your real name. They can only find out your real name, phone number and address from you should you decide this is actually the right person to give this information too.

6. Everyone is available

Who joins an online service like ours? Well, anyone who, for whatever reason, wants to meet someone. If you go to a bar or a club to meet other singles for dating, it’s pretty likely less than half the people there have come looking for Mr or Miss Right with whom they can start a relationship. Chances are, they’re there just for a good time with their friends.

7. Getting to know you

Because of the clever way our online site is set up, you can be pretty sure that you have access to accurate personality profiles of potential new friends, boyfriends or girlfriends. The way a dating site works ensures only singles who are likely to be a good match based on information such as their interests, education, physical appearance, location etc are presented to you. You also get access to the kind of information that probably wouldn’t be discussed on a first date – like whether they want a family, their religion and so on, which, lets face it, are all pretty important facts to know about someone you’re considering having a relationship with.

8. Meeting new people

Online dating makes meeting new people so much easier. And sometimes, even if nothing romantic comes out of it, life-long friendships can be made. The search options on internet dating sites make it easy to search for people with a wide range of interests and characteristics – so you can deliberately set out to search for the complete opposite of your “usual type” or to meet new men or women who sound different and exciting.

9. Rejection

Lets face it – none of us enjoys being turned down. But somehow, a simple email saying, “thanks, but no thanks” is easier to bear than a face-to-face “not interested, thanks”! And chances are, you’ll be turning a few people down yourself – there are so many opportunities for singles to get together with these sites, it’s just not feasible to accept every invitation to connect or have everyone you get in touch with want to start communicating with you. Don’t worry about it – there’s plenty more fish out in the world-wide-web!

10. Dating site security

Should you start mailing or chatting to someone online and find they are actually a real pain and make a nuisance of themselves, with internet dating, it’s not such a big deal. Nearly all dating sites let you block members from appearing in your search results, sending you emails or chatting to you if this is what you want. It’s pretty easy to do and usually just involves clicking on the block button that appears next to their name in either search results or their profile page. Should you need help, you can always contact the dating site customer support people who will resolve things straight away for you.

11. Happy ever after

The growing number of great friendships, marriages and long-term relationships formed as a result of single people using online sites is a modern day phenomena. When you use online dating correctly, with all the benefits outlined above, you will almost always succeed in finding someone to chat or date, perhaps fall in love with and maybe spend the rest of your lives together. What better reason can there be to go and sign up straight away?!



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