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Welcome to thecrazymatchmaker.com, a website which is used primarily by single adults as hoping to meet their special one online.

By accessing thecrazymatchmaker.com, you agree to be bound according to rules mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether or not you become a member of our website. If you are willing to become a member of thecrazymatchmaker.com, we suggest you go through the terms and conditions.

It is advised that you also read thecrazymatchmaker.com privacy policy that is available through our website. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions listed below you are requested not to use our website or service. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the conditions listed below:

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

This page is an electronic contract that lists all the terms and conditions that you must accept if you wish to use this website as a member. According to this page, a member is one who offers his/her details, and uses the service offered as a free user or subscriber.

By using said services offered through our website, you agree to all terms and conditions, notices referenced here or contained. Also, you will be provided all notices in an electronic format.

If you do not wish to give us consent to access your data and agree with the terms and conditions you can terminate your account, and cease using the service.


You must be at least 18 or older than 18 to use this service, apart from being single or separated. If you are not, you are prohibited from using this service. By using and accessing our website you claim that you have the right capacity and authority to enter this agreement, and abide by all terms and conditions. You can be a part of this website only if you are neither a convicted felon nor a sex offender with any government. If you reside outside USA and are using this service even then the rules of this nation apply.

Membership and subscription  

You need not pay in order to register on our website. As a member you are allowed to use some but not all features and services provided. In order to use the services or features that are not available to all members, you must become a subscriber, which will allow you to communicate with other subscribers and use all features available.

If you are not a subscriber you will remain unable to utilize services and features offered by the website. Communication between a subscriber and a non-subscriber is not possible. Even when a profile is not active for long periods of time the member remains posted. The account of a member is not deactivated even if it is not being used actively. However, when a member is not online even a subscriber cannot send messages.


As long as you are a member you have to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned here.

Terminating account

A member, be it a subscriber or a non-subscriber can cancel or change their membership at any time, without specifying the reason to us.

However, by cancelling your subscription, your account does not get removed automatically. You need to delete or hide your profile, since your membership is not deleted. If you wish to delete your profile, you can deactivate it. You do however; have the option of reactivating it, which stays active for more than a few months.

A member’s subscription and/or membership might be canceled completely by the website at any time, if we believe this member has in any way breached terms and conditions. Unused amount of the subscription is not refunded in this case and the website has no obligations to specify the reason behind termination of an account.

Non-commercial use

Our website and services offered through it are to be used personally. Members do not have the right or permission to buy or sell products using our website’s name, or organize parties as a social or networking function on behalf of the company.

Account security

While registering, you need to protect your username and password, since your security is your prime responsibility. We will hold you accountable for all activities that happen under your account, so maintaining confidentiality should be your main concern. You are required to immediately notify website authorities that there has been a breach in security, even after you logged out after your last session.


The website is not responsible for any issues of infidelity, since we believe your word that you are not a felon or stalker. We do not conduct any background checks so it becomes necessary for members to remain alert while meeting fellow members for the first time.

Abiding by these terms and conditions enhances your experience as a user, which is why a balance of stringency and leniency is maintained.


Concerns or questions?

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